Falls Prevention Classes and Nursery Visit

Falls prevention classes are in full swing twice weekly! It is brilliant to see the participation of our six volunteers and the benefits of regular exercise to their feel good factor. As one lady said, “It is something you are really glad you have done!” We will update on the results at the end of the pilot study in December.

In other news, Robin Hill Nursery children shall be coming to visit our residents every two weeks. On their recent visit, what a wonderful afternoon! The service users and kiddies did crafts, played games and sang nursery rhymes (some of which we hadn’t heard of from years gone by).

There was lots of laughter and chatting all-round, and it was so good to see no barriers and the enjoyment had by all. Service users were talking about the event afterwards with such enthusiasm.

The nursery’s children and staff are so lovely and their next visit is eagerly looked forward to.

Any comments or feedback are welcome.

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